Join the Academy as an instructor!

Each month, an average of 1,150 lectures are completed on Arlan's Academy! You all are killing it:)

By popular demand, you can now reserve a teaching space on the academy:) For just $360, you get a FULL YEAR of placement. (This gets billed once per year, and you can cancel it before the first year is up to not continue in Year 2 if you want.)

Reserve here.

Think of your course as a lead magnet. It can be any of the following: a 10-60minute video (either one or split into a few), a pdf, an audio course, combination. Should not be longer than 60mins, should be very helpful, and will be free. It can and should link to your website or offer.

For more ideas, view some of the current courses on the platform, including the one linked from this page, and see how they're formatted.

Once you purchase, send me an email at

¬†[email protected]¬†with your course title, a bit about it, and what date you would like it to go live on the site. I'll reply with further instruction.

This is a win-win for the community, giving more entrepreneurs free access to more expert teachings!


P.S. To maintain the highest quality for our students, I reserve the right to reject a course. This will only happen on rare occasion, and I will issue a full refund if so.