Minding Your Business

With two musical parents and a love of theater that started in high school, Martin's roots are deeply creative. When that creativity merged with a passion for business, the story started writing itself.   

Along the way, he has managed to:  

  • Found multiple ventures focused on needs of creative and entertainment clients from actors and musicians to labels and designers  
  • Learn what it takes to grow and sell a business that’s “all about the owner” for a big six-figure payout  
  • Become a paid speaker on topics of business and taxes for creative professionals  
  • Develop a mobile app solution for artists  
  • Author the book Minding Your Business  
  • Appear on: NBC, WSJ, Chicago Reader, Art of Hustle  
  • Serve on the boards of: Global Alliance of Artists, Matter Dance Company, and Sweet Relief Musicians Fund  
  • Collectively save clients over $2.3 million in taxes they didn’t need to pay   

Revel CPA is an accounting firm focused on the needs of growing creative businesses and we’re committed to helping entrepreneurs create value for their families and communities. And we’re especially committed to focusing that growth in black and brown communities from coast to coast. Come grow with us!