Hi, I’m Arlan.

Founder, Managing Partner, Backstage Capital

Author, It's About Damn Time

Host, Your First Million podcast

What you'll learn:

  • How to get "in the room" -- even virtually...
  • Where to find your "edge"
  • When to quit your day job
  • The huge mistake 99% of all entrepreneurs make while pitching
  • The 3 takeaways that will help you negotiate with any millionaire with confidence
  • How to get your first (or 100th) "yes" from an investor
  • The hack that will help you skip the investor route altogether
  • and much more.

"This course has over-delivered and on so many levels. I feel confident launching my startup now. Thank you Arlan!! ❤️"

- Raymond, Ohio

I have raised millions of dollars as the founder of investment fund Backstage Capital, and have generated millions of dollars in revenue as the founder of three companies -- Backstage, Runner, & Arlan Was Here LLC -- all for a combined $20+ million in the past 5+ years!

Since 2015, I have invested in nearly 200 companies led by women, people of color, and LGBTQ founders! I have reviewed THOUSANDS of companies and their pitches, and NEGOTIATED with hundreds of millionaires and billionaires.

Let me save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by teaching you fundamental lessons, rules of the road, tips, and hacks to skip the mistakes many entrepreneurs make. For the more advanced entrepreneur, let's unstick you and open up even more potential for you to raise and earn capital for your company.


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  Module 1: Types of funding for your company
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  Bootstrapping case study: Tara Reed, Apps Without Code
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  Module 2: Getting started on your fundraising
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  Bootstrapping case study: Sherrell Dorsey, The Plug
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  Model 3: Building a network
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  Case study: Arlan's book It's About Damn Time
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  Harvard Business Review Case Study: Arlan Hamilton & Backstage Capital
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  Module 4: Negotiating
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  Bonus: Raising in the age of coronavirus
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Video modules are closed captioned in English AND translated into Spanish!

"Arlan, I am the first student to complete your course and here I am your Mom’s age and starting my first business. We, the underestimated, never outgrow our desire to learn or to build. We have to. It took too long for us to get the opportunity. From reading your book to taking the course, I suspect all the founders in my class are committed to success. 

Your instruction provided me an invaluable education on vision, commitment and of course funding, and I am grateful. Thank you for your sacrifice. I know it is a labor of love."

-Felicia Polk, May 30, 2020

"Between this course and Arlan's book, It's About Damn Time, my thinking has changed and I'm having fun earning money to support myself and those on my team. I'm also giving computer science students their first jobs in tech!"

"Arlan narrates this fundraising guide through a relatable medium. It is VERY digestible." 

"Arlan has built a comprehensive course of study, from basic vocabulary to live founder case studies, that is the perfect starting point for any entrepreneur."

Danielle, North Carolina

"Arlan has designed an engaging course for underestimated entrepreneurs. There is not only learning available in the modules but then I get to run with the information. And I haven't stopped learning from her yet."

Brendalyn King

Founder, Salem Hemp Kings, Salem, IL

“Arlan, I’m only through Module 1 (taking it slowly so I can absorb every word), and you truly have a talent for teaching and explaining. I’m really blown away, and so so happy I decided to get access to the course. It’s already completely changed the way I’m thinking about raising capital for my company!

I love that you explain the human dynamics at play, which is so critical to our ability as students to carry these lessons with us.”

- Alyssa

"...I started to cry two videos in...this will help me finally realize my true potential and be in charge of my own destiny."

- A.S., April 18, 2020

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"It will save you from making some critical errors."

- Felicia, NC

"Very well done and extremely accessible." 

- Carol, NY

"I’m impressed with the comprehensive curriculum, at such an affordable price."

- Rob, Sweden